So I tried leaving it a couple of days to see if anything exciting would happen in my life to blog about… As you can see it didn’t particularly! So instead I am going to talk about someone who is constantly exciting in my life. 

That person is my Player 2, Darryl. We have been together almost 7 years now and somehow he still puts up with me! The main reason for writing this is to show him as much support as he shows me. When I first started cosplay he did nothing but encourage me, and has continued to do so ever since. I even got him to cosplay a couple of times! 

The topic I want to talk about now though is his hard work on having a healthy lifestyle. He is very strict with his diet and exercise regime, going to the gym 5 times a week with his gym buddy, for an hour each time. I couldn’t explain what they do there but I know it includes weights and exercise that would be enough to give me a well deserved 5 year nap! They only ever do exercises that are safe etc, of course minor injuries cannot always be helped but thanks to his research and careful hard work I can so far report no worries on that area! 

This Gym timetable would of course be pointless if not backed up by a strong diet to back it up. Darryl always sends me pictures and descriptions of his latest dish, preparing meals for the week to take to work on the Sunday, from Jambalaya to Chinese, all healthy and balanced but with good portions. I personally admire this disciplined approach to food, possibly more so thanks to my own lack of food comfortability. 

Of course this lifestyle is not for the weak, food times need to be adhered to, no eating after 8 and Sunday is the only treat day! Working plans around the gym can also be hard and I’d be a rotten liar if I said it never frustrated me a little at times, but at the end of the day this makes him happy, he is proud of his meals and the results from the gym (I don’t mind them either!) And to me it is so much more important for him to be happy and confident than for me to plan something without considering this. It would also be hugely mean to not support this when he has been so tolerant of me parading around in different costumes, being away at weekends and generally posting a lot on social media, sometimes in ballgowns. Other times in spandex… he has the patience of a saint.

I suppose I just wanted to show off the hard work he puts in, people say how hard these lifestyles and most people presume gyms are for steroids and judgement, but not everyone is like that, sure they are out there, but I’m proud of Darryl, he never tries to push this lifestyle on me but gently encourages me to try new foods and look after my body. This has all done wonders for his confidence, he even has an instagram now! (@dph_fitness) in which pi tires and videos from the gym and food are posted, for anyone else interested in what he and his friend do. If anyone said to me that Darryl would have an instagram I would laugh my head off. It’s out if character for him but I am so glad he feels confident and happy enough in himself to do it.

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Weekend Craziness

So its been a difficult weekend for blogging, mainly due to not being around much nor having spare time which isn’t always a bad thing! This weekend was spent having some quality time with Player 2, an extension of Valentines really.


So the grand adventure started in Windsor. Like true cheeky sods we headed straight for Nando’s, as these things require energy (something I generally lack) We ordered the rarely eaten dish off the menu… Chicken! From there it was off to the Fudge Kitchen, a delightful little shop that sells handmade fudge, in an amazing assortment of flavours. The staff were wonderfully excited, friendly and enthusiastic but with no pressure to buy at all. I personally favoured the dark chocolate & sea salt, whereas Player 2 went for a few different slices, from chocolate orange to peanut butter.

After that we wandered down to an old antique shop, as I have a soft spot for these places. Filled with gorgeous Cameos & some beautiful dresses from the 30’s, it was safe to say I was smitten. The lady in the store told us about a charity shop completely dedicated to vintage clothing, so our original route now included a stop to this shop. Inside was a beautiful mix of vintage and retro clothing, including a two piece green suit which I admit hugely caught my eye! It’s a real must see for those who love all thing vintage, from dresses to jackets they literally have everything covered.

From there we embarked on our adventure. From the Shire to Mordor. Or (perhaps less dramatically) Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse. This is no quick stroll, there and back again, (yes, I know I know) Is about 5 miles, and when you’re as lazy as I am thats a pretty strong effort! Along the way there was plenty of dog spotting, pokemon hunting and more importantly, simple chit chat between us. I am a firm believer that a good walk and conversation are far more valuable than any trinket or lavash trip, so moments like these are always hugely appreciated, I see them as a great time to bond, listen to each others opinions on the world and generally just touch base. Sadly my boots were not made for walking, so I now sport wonderful blisters… All part of the fun really…

So all in all its been a fabulous weekend. Today was spent resting up whilst binge watching season 9 of Supernatural. Dean and Castiel are my favorites, I will not be convinced otherwise! I highly recommend a trip to Windsor if you’re local, its good fun and you might just see the Queen!



Third Time Lucky.

So it’s my third post! I’d you’ve made it this far, congratulations. If you didn’t, well that’s neither here nor there! 

So I decided this post should be about my general interests. The Cosplay side of things has already been adequately explained but other things get slightly overshadowed. 

The first one to mention is my complete love of Dinosaurs. This started when I was very young and has unapologetically stomped it’s way into my adulthood, evolving all the time. My favorite will always be our good friend Rex, with Raptors coming in at a close second. I’d never paid much mind to herbivores, something that rings very true in my list of modern day favorite animals, perhaps I prefer those with a similar eating habits to me, or perhaps I’m just in awe of stuff with big teeth. 

Another interest of mine is far newer to my life, it comes in the form of some well crafted wood and some strings, (no. It’s not BDSM) The Violin is never something I’d have thought to take up, I’ve never been musically talented and to even consider playing something so easy to mess up just seemed laughable. But in the 6/7 months I’ve been playing, I’ve already played with an Orchestra, learnt a few well known but simple tunes and have had the pleasure of playing alongside my Dad, who coincidently is the inspiration behind playing in the first place.

I am part of a good few fandoms. Harry Potter and LOTR being my main two, but backed up firmly with MCU, Disney and Supernatural. I like to think of myself as a simple geek, happy in her own bubble. Master of no fandom but a friend to all. There are so many I am in that to list them would be a very long and probably quite boring task! 

So there you have it. I do like to play games, I’m in a D&D group, I partake in alcohol and generally give anything a go. I love hearing about other people’s interests, so if you have any, tell me about them! I’m always open to a chat. 

London Anime & Gaming Con

So, whilst I have been sick I decided to have a write about something that has already happened instead of giving you a detailed account of how I wasted a day in bed watching anime! (as fun as that was to do with my Player 2… And as great as Assassination Classroom is) The best thing to talk about seemed to be my latest Convention which just so happens to be my first one of the year, making it a great start to this very regular blog.


I was lucky enough to be considered interesting enough to attend as a Guest to LAGC, something I have done a few times for Anime League and has always been a fun but professional experience. Each time I have been invited to give a talk, something that terrified me the first time and if I’m completely honest still gives me the nervous butterflies now! In a very brave and I would say compassionate move,  Anime League have allowed me to hold a talk on mental health, something we all know has a rather unattractive stigma tied to it which, when talked about in a public place, can invite those who are more ignorant to it to ridicule and possibly target.

I can quite proudly say this has never been the case at one of my talks. I have had a fantastic turn out each time with both familiar and new faces, all of which have taken in my ramblings and some have even taken the time to approach me afterwards with their thoughts. It may seem like a small thing but I really think talks like this help break down certain stereotypes and help people to realise that its ok to talk about these things.

Alas! I digress. The convention itself was held in the London Metropolitan University, also known as the Rocket Complex. It’s a really funky venue for a convention and has more of a club/pub feel in the main stage area than a convention. As you wander through the corridors however, you can find different rooms filled with merch stalls and artists galore! It’s any Weeb’s dream (including mine) I personally indulged in Pocky and artwork from my wonderful friend who I will boast about later! The convention hosts a cool gaming area with anything from dance machines to classic arcade games, with newer consoles set up and even PC gaming available. So you can literally go from sitting at home playing Overwatch to getting a train and sitting to play Overwatch! (I personally see no issue here) Throughout the day there are also numerous performances for you to watch, from singing, dancing to youtube panels and clan battles, I guarantee you will find yourself watching someone at some point! But as the name suggests this convention is also very Anime orientated, with hilarious anime reels running on the main stage screen in-between talks, oddly fitting but comedic music playing over famous scenes in anime. (Full Metal Alchemist scene with dog revealed as spliced with small child…to the tune of who let the dogs out) Most of the merch is also anime related, from cute Asuna key rings to full on Sonico body pillows, this convention is sure to fill all of your possible needs.

I spent my time mainly with friends, catching up and having photos taken of my Poison Ivy cosplay, I had taken a lot of time to hot glue the train together so I decided it was best to get some photographic evidence of something I made not actually falling apart!  This also happened on the Sunday when I decided to let out my inner Anime school girl and cosplay Miyuki from Lucky Star, prompting some very cute photoshoots! We mainly browsed the stalls and generally relaxed. As a guest one of my duties was to judge the Cosplay Masquerade, something that was quite gruelling by the end as there were an awful lot of entries! I never quite feel good enough to be judging others which usually makes me feel a bit inferior next to the other Judges but after a while I realised that I was the only one who felt like that and I had been invited to guest, so I was just as capable as anyone else. In the end we had an amazing Yuri on Ice couple win overall, their costumes were perfect and the performance was well rehearsed and perfectly in character.


All in all this was a really nice start to the year, I saw loads of people, met new friends and got to talk about something close to my heart. My costume didn’t fall apart and no one died! Can’t ask for much more really. I had a childhood friend come along with me, someone who has never been to a convention nor known anything about cosplay until I came storming back into his life. Safe to say he blended in well and dare I even say he enjoyed himself!

I was also lucky enough to buy artwork from my favourite artist Sashdoesdoodles Who astounds me with his talent. He was kind enough to draw my Patronus (Aardvarks are cool I don’t care what you say) and I bought a pre-drawn print of a very cute bear for my own Player 2 bear at home. Go and check out his stuff. You will fall in love instantly I promise.

Initiate Blogging Sequence.

So I’ve wanted to get myself to a point in which I would blog regularly for a while and I figured now would be a great time. I am surrounded by incredibly creative & inspiring people who certainly encouraged this decision.

I’m not going to pocket this space into a specific category, as in it won’t just be about cosplay, nor day to day musings. I am hoping it will be a delightfully messy amalgamation of my thoughts. Of course I will cover cosplay, violin and other well known interests of mine but this is to be a daily blog and unfortunately my entire life does not comprise of these two things alone!

To start this blog on a very positive note, I have just received a confirmation email from MCM Expo granting me a Press Pass for the upcoming May event! It’s the first time I have ever applied for something like this as I am a firm believer in myself generally being on the same level as trash. It does bring a small flicker of pride to my mind though, it lightly confirms that all the wig-aches, blisters, costume malfunctions and general cosplay mishaps have meant something. It may not be much to some, others will have been press for a long time and see it as positively old-hat! But to little old me its a firm post of achievement in what hopes to be a promising future. With this in mind, however, we can expect longer, more detailed vlogging from myself in the future. Just… please don’t expect structure!

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