Initiate Blogging Sequence.

So I’ve wanted to get myself to a point in which I would blog regularly for a while and I figured now would be a great time. I am surrounded by incredibly creative & inspiring people who certainly encouraged this decision.

I’m not going to pocket this space into a specific category, as in it won’t just be about cosplay, nor day to day musings. I am hoping it will be a delightfully messy amalgamation of my thoughts. Of course I will cover cosplay, violin and other well known interests of mine but this is to be a daily blog and unfortunately my entire life does not comprise of these two things alone!

To start this blog on a very positive note, I have just received a confirmation email from MCM Expo granting me a Press Pass for the upcoming May event! It’s the first time I have ever applied for something like this as I am a firm believer in myself generally being on the same level as trash. It does bring a small flicker of pride to my mind though, it lightly confirms that all the wig-aches, blisters, costume malfunctions and general cosplay mishaps have meant something. It may not be much to some, others will have been press for a long time and see it as positively old-hat! But to little old me its a firm post of achievement in what hopes to be a promising future. With this in mind, however, we can expect longer, more detailed vlogging from myself in the future. Just… please don’t expect structure!

Feature Photo by the wonderful Kaiju Industries


2 thoughts on “Initiate Blogging Sequence.

  1. Congratulations on your press pass! I don’t think you should worry about having no structure to your blog, I think it’s more important to be yourself on your blog – and a lot of people seem to agree with that!

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