Weekend Craziness

So its been a difficult weekend for blogging, mainly due to not being around much nor having spare time which isn’t always a bad thing! This weekend was spent having some quality time with Player 2, an extension of Valentines really.


So the grand adventure started in Windsor. Like true cheeky sods we headed straight for Nando’s, as these things require energy (something I generally lack) We ordered the rarely eaten dish off the menu… Chicken! From there it was off to the Fudge Kitchen, a delightful little shop that sells handmade fudge, in an amazing assortment of flavours. The staff were wonderfully excited, friendly and enthusiastic but with no pressure to buy at all. I personally favoured the dark chocolate & sea salt, whereas Player 2 went for a few different slices, from chocolate orange to peanut butter.

After that we wandered down to an old antique shop, as I have a soft spot for these places. Filled with gorgeous Cameos & some beautiful dresses from the 30’s, it was safe to say I was smitten. The lady in the store told us about a charity shop completely dedicated to vintage clothing, so our original route now included a stop to this shop. Inside was a beautiful mix of vintage and retro clothing, including a two piece green suit which I admit hugely caught my eye! It’s a real must see for those who love all thing vintage, from dresses to jackets they literally have everything covered.

From there we embarked on our adventure. From the Shire to Mordor. Or (perhaps less dramatically) Windsor Castle to the Copper Horse. This is no quick stroll, there and back again, (yes, I know I know) Is about 5 miles, and when you’re as lazy as I am thats a pretty strong effort! Along the way there was plenty of dog spotting, pokemon hunting and more importantly, simple chit chat between us. I am a firm believer that a good walk and conversation are far more valuable than any trinket or lavash trip, so moments like these are always hugely appreciated, I see them as a great time to bond, listen to each others opinions on the world and generally just touch base. Sadly my boots were not made for walking, so I now sport wonderful blisters… All part of the fun really…

So all in all its been a fabulous weekend. Today was spent resting up whilst binge watching season 9 of Supernatural. Dean and Castiel are my favorites, I will not be convinced otherwise! I highly recommend a trip to Windsor if you’re local, its good fun and you might just see the Queen!




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