So I tried leaving it a couple of days to see if anything exciting would happen in my life to blog about… As you can see it didn’t particularly! So instead I am going to talk about someone who is constantly exciting in my life. 

That person is my Player 2, Darryl. We have been together almost 7 years now and somehow he still puts up with me! The main reason for writing this is to show him as much support as he shows me. When I first started cosplay he did nothing but encourage me, and has continued to do so ever since. I even got him to cosplay a couple of times! 

The topic I want to talk about now though is his hard work on having a healthy lifestyle. He is very strict with his diet and exercise regime, going to the gym 5 times a week with his gym buddy, for an hour each time. I couldn’t explain what they do there but I know it includes weights and exercise that would be enough to give me a well deserved 5 year nap! They only ever do exercises that are safe etc, of course minor injuries cannot always be helped but thanks to his research and careful hard work I can so far report no worries on that area! 

This Gym timetable would of course be pointless if not backed up by a strong diet to back it up. Darryl always sends me pictures and descriptions of his latest dish, preparing meals for the week to take to work on the Sunday, from Jambalaya to Chinese, all healthy and balanced but with good portions. I personally admire this disciplined approach to food, possibly more so thanks to my own lack of food comfortability. 

Of course this lifestyle is not for the weak, food times need to be adhered to, no eating after 8 and Sunday is the only treat day! Working plans around the gym can also be hard and I’d be a rotten liar if I said it never frustrated me a little at times, but at the end of the day this makes him happy, he is proud of his meals and the results from the gym (I don’t mind them either!) And to me it is so much more important for him to be happy and confident than for me to plan something without considering this. It would also be hugely mean to not support this when he has been so tolerant of me parading around in different costumes, being away at weekends and generally posting a lot on social media, sometimes in ballgowns. Other times in spandex… he has the patience of a saint.

I suppose I just wanted to show off the hard work he puts in, people say how hard these lifestyles and most people presume gyms are for steroids and judgement, but not everyone is like that, sure they are out there, but I’m proud of Darryl, he never tries to push this lifestyle on me but gently encourages me to try new foods and look after my body. This has all done wonders for his confidence, he even has an instagram now! (@dph_fitness) in which pi tires and videos from the gym and food are posted, for anyone else interested in what he and his friend do. If anyone said to me that Darryl would have an instagram I would laugh my head off. It’s out if character for him but I am so glad he feels confident and happy enough in himself to do it.

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