Dragons and Maids and Magic… Oh My! 

So this weekend gone was a relaxing one, myself and my other half spent the time binge watching Anime and going for a short walk in Virginia Water Lake. 

The anime in question was the rather charming Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. A very cute story about a woman (Kobayashi) drunkenly saving the life of a Dragon  (Tohru) who had come into our world by accident when trying to escape an attack. It watched very much like a Slice of Life anime but with added magic and dragons. There are previews that hint at a serious moment incoming that always turns out to be just some hilarious conundrum caused by a few other dragons who have randomly appeared. 

The main characters are Kobayashi and Tohru. After Kobayashi saves her life and goes home in a drunken stupor, she forgets about the entire experience and is suitably shocked when Tohru arrives at her flat the next morning (in Dragon form… obviously) then transforming to a more human like state (aside from a tail and horns) confirms that actually yes. She did save her and also wanted Tohru to be her maid as a way to repay the favour.

Tohru is besotted and this leads to a lot of romance related jokes, some fanservice (D for Dragon…….) and some really cute heartfelt moments. We are later joined by Kanna, a younger Dragon who does not possess the power to return home but seems quite content to stay with Tohru. Adding a child into the mix only adds to the comedy but also adds a slight loli presence to the anime… so please be prepared for that. 

Overall I absolutely adored this anime. It’s so lighthearted and fun, with a few cute moments and some hilarious lines thrown in there. It’s complete trash and it makes me happy.

Yes. I’m cosplaying Tohru. And no. I’m not serving my tail for dinner.